Incapable of dying from natural causes, the Lewd curses the shadow lands and collects frightful powers.

  • Passive ability : The Lewd scares the shadow out of all living things, Familiars can’t target him, including those that would heal him.

  • Class spell (Blood Curse) : The Lewd inflicts himself 1 damage and curses all other Wizards. Until a cursed Wizard gains new health points from a Healing spell or a Loot card, he loses 1 Health point each time he rolls the Runes at his turn (up to 3 times a turn). This also applies on the following rounds, meaning that unlucky Rune throws is a death sentence.


The Archmagus has invented, created, and repaired more Artifacts than your Wizard’s mom has seen in her room!.

  • Passive ability : The Archmagus can wield 2 Artifacts at the same time.

  • Class spell (Enchant) : The Archmagus steals all wielded Artifacts at that moment in the trial. He chooses which ones to put in play, and discard the others.


The Charlatan is a master of trickery and always has his eyes on Loot. He will distract you with one hand and trick you with the other.

  • Passive ability : After finishing his 3rd Rune roll at his turn, the Charlatan can pick one Rune and roll it again.

  • Class specific spell (Bag of tricks): The Charlatan can draw 3 Loot cards from the Loot Chest.


As tough as they come, the Cleric is a master of healing and medicine magic. He’ll drain the life out of you.

  • Passive ability : The Cleric casts more powerful Healing Spells that heal for 3 Health points.

  • Class spell (Life Drain) : The Cleric can cast 3 Damage points to a foe and drain some to himself for 2 Health points.


The Druid is literally a product of nature and can bond with all fauna and flora.

  • Passive ability : The Druid starts the game by summoning a Familiar and using its’ power before the first Initiative roll.

  • Class spell (Thorns) : The foe targeted by this spell takes 2 damage and can’t play his next turn. Whether it's in this current round or the next.

War Witch

The War Witch is a master of aggression and at home on the front of the magic field.

  • Passive ability : The War Witch adds +1 to the Rune value of her Attack Spells, making them harder to counter. For example, if she attacks with a pair of 5s, it would be equivalent to a pair of 6s.
    If the War Witch casts two Attack Spells at her turn, only the highest pair gets the bonus.

  • Class spell (Meteors) : The War Witch casts four 1-damage attacks. The attacks can have different targets.

Dream Master

The Dream Master gets his power from his half-asleep dreamland state, becoming a master of evasion and redirection magic.

  • Passive ability : When the Dream Master is countering an attack spell, he adds +1 to his Counter roll value. For example, if he counter rolls a 3, it's equivalent to a 4.

  • Class spell (Dream State) : The Dream Master enters his Dream state. When activated, he puts a token on the ‘Dreaming’ slot of his character board. When dreaming, he absorbs the next attack (no damage taken) coming his way and reflects it to a Wizard of his choosing. He then awakes and is no longer in his Dream State.


The Canaanite is a farmer Wizard who produces delicious milk and has enthralling domestication magic.

  • Passive ability : The Canaanite can conjure milk from any Loot card, thus healing 2 Health points by discarding any Loot card (not activating the Loot card power).

  • Class spell (Magic Moo): The Canaanite conjures his most riveting MOO! and steals away another Wizard’s summoned Familiar, activating its power in the process.


The Pony is a magic beast of such speed it can challenge human eyes’ perception.

  • Passive ability : The Pony is so fast he gets a +2 bonus on all his Initiative rolls.

  • Class spell (Sonic Hoofs) : The Pony is speedingly invisible for a moment and steals up to 3 Loot cards from other Wizards’ hands. He decides which Wizard(s) he wants to steal from and picks randomly from the other’s hand.


Versed in dark Arcane art and shadowy rituals, the Ghoul vouches to become your worst nightmare.

  • Passive ability : When the Ghoul's health points gets to 4 or lower, he enters a psychotic rage and deals +2 damage points on his Attack Spells.

  • Class spell (Sacrifice) : The Ghoul can sacrifice his summoned Familiar to inflict 3 damage points to all enemies.


The Chronomancer can twist time itself, every Wizard should fear the ticking sound of his timewatch.

  • Passive ability : After the Initiative roll, the Chronomancer can force 1 player to re-roll his initiative Rune. He can pick himself.

  • Class spell (Rewind) : The Chronomancer casts through his timewatch for 2 damage and resets time to play a new turn.


The Kobold is a master of the here and now as that’s all his brain can handle. He’s frequently looking for other Wizards approval.

  • Passive ability : Kobolds are desperate to make friends. Whenever he draws loot, he draws an extra card and gives one of his choosing to another Wizard.

  • Class spell (Confusion) : Not knowing any spell of his own, the Kobold can copy another Wizard Class Spell from the Wizards, wether that are alive or incapacitated.